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The Progressive Era - Time Between the 1890s to the 1920s - Free Essay Example

The main idea of the Progressive era was trying to reduce problems due to industrialization, urbanization, and immigration. The goal of th...

Monday, July 6, 2020

The Progressive Era - Time Between the 1890s to the 1920s - Free Essay Example

The main idea of the Progressive era was trying to reduce problems due to industrialization, urbanization, and immigration. The goal of this movement was to make living conditions better and protect social welfare. To help this they opened libraries, swimming pools, and feed the hungry. Many people blamed problems on alcohol, so they banned it from many saloons. Some of the accomplishments of the Progressive era are the National Child Labor Committee. This organization helped put laws outlawing child labor. Another is the Adamson Act which was a law created so that railroad workers would not go on strike they formed an 8-hour workday. Lastly in the 19th Amendment. This amendment gave women the right to vote. Ida B. Wells was an African-American writer and feminist. She was born July 16th, 1862 in Holly Springs, Mississippi. She led an anti-lynching movement in the United States. In her time she wrote many novels about her life and struggles. Her goals were to stop lynchings and to have equal rights. Her accomplishments were her writing. She wrote about the laws, lynching, and other things to show how horrible these problems were and to bring awareness and show people how terrible it was. Because of her writing, this landed her a spot on the newspaper to write about the problems going on. President Theodore Roosevelt was born on October 27, 1858, in New York City. Roosevelt was the 26th president of the United States after William Mickinly was assassinated. One of Roosevelts goals was conservation. He wanted people from all ages to protect nature no matter where you came from. He wanted to make sure the world used its natural resources. Roosevelt doubled the parks in the U.S and created 18 national monuments and started 51 bird sanctuaries. These two reformers Ida B. Wells and Theodore Roosevelt both have one thing in common. They both wanted to make the U.S better and safer. Ida B. Wells wanted to have equal rights and freedom. Theodore Roosevelt wanted to protect our nation and nature. They both changed America by trying to protect the people. We are still affected by their work today. Theodore changed the way people see conservation. Ida B. Wells changed the way people see equal rights.

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Killer Angels By Michael Shaara - 850 Words

In the Pulitzer Prize winning civil war novel Killer Angels, Michael Shaara covers five days of the historic battle between the Northern and Southern United States at Gettysburg. Both the North and the South fought for freedom, although they did not have equivalent definitions of freedom. The North and the South were unwavering in their beliefs and their hope for a better United States, but what the two butted heads the most on was slavery. The South was a primarily agrarian region which relied heavily on the agriculture of crops like cotton and sugarcane, both of which required intense manual labor, unlike the North who was more so industrialized; however, as William Preston said, it was not cotton that was â€Å"the south’s king† but it was slavery that made them so prosperous. The South relied on slavery because having many workers to tend to these cash crops without having to pay them saved farmers and plantation owner’s money that they could use to buy more slaves that put out more work leading to more land for more crops, or to have more money to pay their taxes. Many Southerners like William Preston thought that owning other people was their divine right as white men. The Civil War was started over the North and South’s conflicting views on whether they had the â€Å"civil† right to own or not own slaves. The Northern and Southern states developed themselves much differently than one another because of their agrarian versus industrialized economy. As the states developed theyShow MoreRelatedThe Killer Angels By Michael Shaara1634 Words   |  7 PagesPulitzer Prize-winning author Michael Shaara, the author of The Killer Angels, was born on June 23, 1928 in Jersey City, New Jersey. He was an author of science fiction, sports fiction, and historical fiction. Although writing was his passion, Shaara was very athletically successful in high school, winning more awards than any other student in the history of the school for sports such as basketball, track and baseball. He acquired a skill in boxing, and of the 18 matches Shaara fought as a young man, heRead MoreThe Killer Angels By Michael Shaara1290 Words   |  6 Pages The Killer Angels Essay â€Å"There is no honorable way to kill, no gentle way to destroy. There is nothing good in war. Except its ending.† Stated by Abraham Lincoln, this quote embodies the essence of war, its tragic character and unfortunate occasional necessity. Accordingly, the outcome of war and its battles is often determined by the attitudes of the leaders of the opposing sides, including their causes for the willingness to fight and to be fought. Such was the case with the Battle of GettysburgRead MoreThe Killer Angels By Michael Shaara1521 Words   |  7 PagesThe book The Killer Angels was published in 1975 by the Ballatine Booksand was written by Michael Shaara. The Killer Angels is a historic novel about the time of the American Civil War, more specifically The Battle of Gettysburg. Shaara wrote this historical masterpiece with the sole purpose of letting the reader know exactly how the war was for the men actually putting their lives on the line to get this great country of America to the stature it is today. In order to accomplish his goal of creatingRead MoreThe Killer Angel By Michael Shaara1248 Words   |  5 Pages The Killer Angel is a book elaborating on the history of the American civil war authored by Michael Shaara. The book has gained popularity among American citizens as it covers one of the deadliest battles in American history that took place at Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, hence the title of the battle of Gettysburg (Shaara 5). The crash involved two major groups, the Confederacy, and the Union. The Confederacy constituted of seven secessionist states from the South who advocated forRead MoreThe Killer Angels By Michael Shaara1947 Words   |  8 Pagesthe dueling North and South together to the small town of Gettysburg and on the threshold of splitting the Union. Gettysburg was as close as the United States got to Armageddon and The Killer Angels gives this full day-to-day account of the battle that shaped America’s future. Michael Shaara author of â€Å"The Killer Angels,† tells the story of the Battle of Gettysburg through the eyes of generals Robert E. Lee, Joshua Chamberlain, James Longstreet, and John Buford, and the other men involved in the actionRead MoreThe Killer Angels By Michael Shaara1117 Words   |  5 Pages Michael Shaara’s 1974 historical novel, The Killer Angels, covers the story of the four days of the Battle of Gettysburg that also features maps for visualization. The format of the story is well organized. It begins with a Foreword, which describes in great detail the armies and soldiers involved in the battle. It follows up with four sections and within each section there are chapters that are written in chronological order, covering the events between Monday, June 29, 1863 and Friday, July 3Read MoreThe Killer Angels By Michael Shaara Essay1255 Words   |  6 Pages In the novel The Killer Angels by Michael Shaara, the story is told from the perspective of the men that fought in the war of Gettysburg in Pennsylvania on July 1863. We are able to see both sides of the combatants, their struggles they faced, friendships acquired, losses, personal stories and their views. In history we only learn the superficial information of how it occurred in the battle and the outcome of it, but we do not know how it happened and how much effort it took to fight in thatRead MoreThe Killer Angels By Michael Shaara1123 Words   |  5 PagesThe Killer Angels Novel written by Michael Shaara describes the Gettysburg battle from the perspective of Robert E. Lee, James Longstreet, various soldiers from both sides, and other men who fought in the battle. This author makes the reader go back in time and actually makes the reader depict the circumstances, and situations that soldiers and generals faced. This Novel makes the reader know that both sides were eager to win, and bring this bloodshed to an end. This amazing Novel shows how neighborRead MoreThe Killer Angels By Michael Shaara852 Words   |  4 PagesThe Killer Angels by Michael Shaara was not just a fiction novel, it was a story of a man who actually saw the battlefield of Gettysburg and learned about the battle and its importance. When he returned from the battle sight he decided to write a novel based on his experience there. Instead of creating fictional characters he used the names and experiences he had directly with the main characters of the novel. Not only did Shaara study and review letters, documents and journal enteries of the menRead MoreThe Killer Angels By Michael Shaara1206 Words   |  5 PagesShawn Gacy American Lit. Mrs. Moyer September 11, 2015 Summer Reading The book I chose to read over the summer was the book The Killer Angels, by Michael Shaara. The Killer Angels tells the story of the Battle of Gettysburg. On July 1, 1863, the Confederate army, and the Union army, fought the largest battle of the American Civil War. When the battle ended, fifty one thousand men were KIA (Killed In Action), wounded, or MIA (Missing in Action). All the characters in this book are based

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Hip Hop Music And Its Effect On People - 1130 Words

Hip hop music is described as, â€Å"a subculture especially of inner-city youths who are typically devotees of rap music†. (Merriam.com) Hip hop music is one of the most listened to genres in history. Hip hop music started in the mid 1900’s, but some say that it started much earlier. Many people today would argue that Hip Hop is disgraceful now a days, and that it has no positive message given. Me personally I would agree since the days have changed. I could argue that music as a whole has changed and wouldn’t always be the same, but that’s not the main point. The main point is to show you (yes you the reader), how Hip hop music is actually positive. For starters music has always been very special to people. Music can affect people, even†¦show more content†¦We have people who are now able to make it through the use of social media. Music such as, I don’t like, Bitches and Bottles, and Freak hoe has put a negative look on hip hop. Hip hop over glorifies sex, drugs, and money, which in term is affecting our youth to do these things at a rather young age. Music has always been a story, but in today’s era music is more about catchiness and the beat. Back then we could say that Tupac is actually better than Drake, because he told stories and actually tried to uplift the black community. Now this isn’t saying that all older Hip hop songs are purer than today’s songs because I would be lying. I feel that regardless of the cursing and sexual exploitation of women, that Hip hop is meant to tell a story. In today’s era we have compared 90’s rap to the 2000 era’s rap. Let me tell you that everyone who has been raised listening to 90’s music would say, â€Å"Music back then was so much better, because it served a more positive purpose†. Even NWA (N***** with Attitude) had their share of telling their story. Even though it was a harsh and blunt way, they just had no filter because their life had no filter to it. People have to understand what Hip hop rappers go through. Most of them have come through poverty, and they tell the

Arcadia Essay Example For Students

Arcadia Essay Throughout the play Arcadia by Tom Stoppard there is a distinct difference between the characters who have a science background and those who do not. One of the recurring themes is that those characters and actions of those characters which are against science often lead to conflict and disaster. Even those characters that are of logical thinking for the most part are prone to disaster when they let go of this rational thinking and give in to their irrational side. Bernard is a main character who is not a scientist and has basically no scientific background. From the moment he is introduced, he is portrayed as eccentric and odd. Here Bernard is described for the first time: ?Bernard, the visitor, wears a suit and tie. His tendency is to dress flamboyantly but he has damped it down for the occasion, slightly. A peacock-coloured display handkerchief boils over is his breast pocket.? (73) The term flamboyant refers to his ornate and rather bold outfit and personality. He is dressed differently than most other characters and behaves much different as well. He is as well one of the most irrational characters of the play. Bernard and his constant need to be successful and famous lead him to disaster. Throughout the play he acts with little regard to the truth. He rarely looks to proof when coming up with ideas and theories. He feels that if there is the slightest proof that he is correct then he is able to tell everyone it is the truth. He completely disregards the logical way of thinking that theories can be proven wrong. He never takes the time to see if his theories can be proven wrong. Here Hannah shows her dismay with Bernards irrational behavior:?You havent established it was fought. You havent established it was Byron. For Gods sake, Bernard, you havent established Byron was even there.? (50)Hannah tries to tell Bernard that he hasnt discovered enough evidence to publish his theory. Bernard although believes she is incorrect. He feels that all you need is your own instincts to lead you to the truth. Bernard displays this here:?By which I mean belief in yourself. Gut instinct. The part of you which doesnt reason. The certainty for which there is no back-reference.? (50)Bernard is responding the quote by Hannah above. Here Bernard is exemplifying perfectly his idea about how his theories are founded. He uses the words ?gut instinct? and ?certainty for which there is not back? which shows how he doesnt need hard evidence to prove things. He feels his own personal view is enough to make something real. He has no concept of the regular, logical format of backing up theories with evidence. Instead he relies on nothing but himself. And no matter how irrational his ideas are his feeling is that if your gut tells you its the truth then you should go with it. He also refers to his way of thinking as ?the part of you which doesnt reason? showing how irrational he really is. Hes admitting that sometimes no reasoning is needed in proving something. To most this seems completely foreign and quite illogical. Bernard, although, finds this to be the normal way of thinking. Later in the play Bernard is shown once again to be completely irrational. After Bernard makes his argument that Mr. Chater was killed in a duel with Lord Byron and this was the reason Byron left. Hannah reacts to this theory by saying, ?Bernard, I dont know why Im bothering-youre arrogant, greedy, and reckless. Youve gone from a glint in your eye to a sure thing in a hop, skip, and a jump.? (59) Hannah reveals her disapproval of Bernards attitude and aggressive approach to everything. His attitude is described as ? arrogant and reckless,? proving how little regard for logic he has. She also says, ?Youve left out everything which doesnt fit.? (59) Hannah describes how Bernard has chosen only information which has helped his case and left all other out. She is saying that Bernard ignores the information which disproves his theory and only focuses on that which does prove it. This is completely unscientific and illogical if you want to have limited doubt in your theory. Also in this sc ene Valentine shares his opinion, ?Actually, Bernard, as a scientist, your theory is incomplete.? (59) Valentine, the main character who has a large scientific background, also states that Bernard does not have enough evidence to proceed in publishing his theory. Valentine tries to tell Bernard that although he does have some evidence that he does not have nearly enough to proceed in publishing. .u9a7e4daf2b5ecdc8ab49647174f80aca , .u9a7e4daf2b5ecdc8ab49647174f80aca .postImageUrl , .u9a7e4daf2b5ecdc8ab49647174f80aca .centered-text-area { min-height: 80px; position: relative; } .u9a7e4daf2b5ecdc8ab49647174f80aca , .u9a7e4daf2b5ecdc8ab49647174f80aca:hover , .u9a7e4daf2b5ecdc8ab49647174f80aca:visited , .u9a7e4daf2b5ecdc8ab49647174f80aca:active { border:0!important; } .u9a7e4daf2b5ecdc8ab49647174f80aca .clearfix:after { content: ""; display: table; clear: both; } .u9a7e4daf2b5ecdc8ab49647174f80aca { display: block; transition: background-color 250ms; webkit-transition: background-color 250ms; width: 100%; opacity: 1; transition: opacity 250ms; webkit-transition: opacity 250ms; background-color: #95A5A6; } .u9a7e4daf2b5ecdc8ab49647174f80aca:active , .u9a7e4daf2b5ecdc8ab49647174f80aca:hover { opacity: 1; transition: opacity 250ms; webkit-transition: opacity 250ms; background-color: #2C3E50; } .u9a7e4daf2b5ecdc8ab49647174f80aca .centered-text-area { width: 100%; position: relative ; } .u9a7e4daf2b5ecdc8ab49647174f80aca .ctaText { border-bottom: 0 solid #fff; color: #2980B9; font-size: 16px; font-weight: bold; margin: 0; padding: 0; text-decoration: underline; } .u9a7e4daf2b5ecdc8ab49647174f80aca .postTitle { color: #FFFFFF; font-size: 16px; font-weight: 600; margin: 0; padding: 0; width: 100%; } .u9a7e4daf2b5ecdc8ab49647174f80aca .ctaButton { background-color: #7F8C8D!important; color: #2980B9; border: none; border-radius: 3px; box-shadow: none; font-size: 14px; font-weight: bold; line-height: 26px; moz-border-radius: 3px; text-align: center; text-decoration: none; text-shadow: none; width: 80px; min-height: 80px; background: url(https://artscolumbia.org/wp-content/plugins/intelly-related-posts/assets/images/simple-arrow.png)no-repeat; position: absolute; right: 0; top: 0; } .u9a7e4daf2b5ecdc8ab49647174f80aca:hover .ctaButton { background-color: #34495E!important; } .u9a7e4daf2b5ecdc8ab49647174f80aca .centered-text { display: table; height: 80px; padding-left : 18px; top: 0; } .u9a7e4daf2b5ecdc8ab49647174f80aca .u9a7e4daf2b5ecdc8ab49647174f80aca-content { display: table-cell; margin: 0; padding: 0; padding-right: 108px; position: relative; vertical-align: middle; width: 100%; } .u9a7e4daf2b5ecdc8ab49647174f80aca:after { content: ""; display: block; clear: both; } READ: Women sport athlete injuries EssayDespite the advice of others Bernard decides to precede with this theory and publish it no matter now much evidence might be out there to prove it wrong. This decision proves to be a big mistake. It is proven wrong just days after it is published. Not only was he proven wrong but it was proven wrong by science as well. It was discovered that Chater did not die in a dual but of a monkey bit in Martinique. Bernards haste to be famous caused him to make a mistake which could not be erased. His purposeful carelessness and irrational behavior cost him his credibility forever. Thomasina is another character that shows the dangers of becoming irrational and illogical. Thomasina is 13 years old when the play begins. She is a brilliant young woman especially in the field of mathematics and science. Most of her time is spent working on different problems and theories with her tutor Septimus Hodge. For the most part she is purely scientific with little knowledge of the irrational world. She bases her thoughts and ideas on logical and plausible evidence. She is constantly using logic and other techniques to prove various solutions to theories. She never concludes anything without an explanation. She wasnt interested in love and didnt want to study anything that didnt pertain to mathematics. Septimus asks Thomasina why she hates Cleopatra and her response is, ?Everything is turned to love with her. New love, absent love, lost love-I never knew a heroine that makes such noodles of our sex.? (38) Here Thomasina proves how she dislikes those which deal too much with love and emotion. She feels there is more satisfaction in mathematics and science. Towards the end of the play and especially in the last scene Thomasina gives in to her romantic and irrational side. In the last scene Thomasina and Septimus are talking about her theory of how the world is doomed and then they begin to waltz. This shows the mixture of science and pleasure and at the same time rational and irrational thinking. In the beginning they are rationally talking about Thomasinas theory but by the end they are acting impulsively waltzing and even kissing. This scene we know precedes her death. We learned earlier that she died that night before her seventeenth birthday in a fire. In this scene we get an idea of why the fire started. Thomasina truly gives herself up to irrational behavior. Her self-control is lost and lets herself become the opposite of what she was determined in the beginning to be. This scene give an idea of why an explanation why never found on her theory. ? Take your essay, I have given it an alpha in blind faith. Be careful with the flame. ? (96) This suggests that the essay, which could possibly have contained her explanation, was the cause of the fire which took her life. When Thomasina became reckless with her emotions she was doomed. For the most part, Thomasina has always been logical and once she became irrational it turned into a disaster that could never be reversed. Science was the root of the disaster as well. Her essay, which was filled with her scientific explanation, was what in the end what caused her death. It can be suggested that because she deviated from her usual rational behavior that the tragedy occurred. In the play Arcadia there is a distinct split between those characters that act rationally and those who do not. For the most part this split can be seen on the basis of scientific background of each character. Those characters with little science knowledge act more irrationally and those with science background act rationally. It even showed how those characters that usually act rationally can t hose that rationality with the lose of science.

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Nature of the sales environment. Essay Example

Nature of the sales environment. Paper For example, a swimmer has to do practice regularly for hours in order to keep them fit for competitions. Even though the swimmer has succeeded in number of competition he has to work out regularly, everyday in order to defend his position at the highest level. During his training swimmer should focus on the mistakes which had made in the past competitions, also should train and prepare himself in such a way that shouldnt repeat the same mistakes in future. There is an analogy between the competitive sports and salesmanship. As like in sports salesperson has to master the art of selling he products of the enterprise to the customers. The sales person himself should learn the fundamentals of selling and master them in order to get best results. The nature of sales personality depends on certain extent on heredity and environment. An intelligent salesman would combine the study and actual practice of the fundamentals by analysis. (Management-hub, 201 2) Many studies have been conducted on understanding the customer and uncovering why some sales seem so easy and others seem almost impossible, even when the salesperson is using the same technique. We will write a custom essay sample on Nature of the sales environment. specifically for you for only $16.38 $13.9/page Order now We will write a custom essay sample on Nature of the sales environment. specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer We will write a custom essay sample on Nature of the sales environment. specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer In fact, he correct environment for customers to purchase and have business dealings with companies is a science. There are many rules and verifiable factors that can either increase or decrease the likelihood of making a sale. To understand the findings of these studies, everyone need to examine the common points listed below. (Sale Creators, 2007) 1. Leave the customer in their comfort zone. 2. Let the customer see you want to help and serve. 3. Do not feel hurried or pressured. 4. Do not hurry or pressure your customer. 5. Have effective human relations communications skills. . Have the sales environment maintained, clean and uncluttered. To increase a buyers receptiveness, a business has to take the findings of the points above and replace or correct any area that might be a concern for their customer. Every customer has anxieties when they meet a new person for the first time, or when they are in a new environment like a shop or store. This anxiety comes from the always present unknowns with a new encounter. A lot Of people have similar thought of or expressed these statements at one time in their lives. This is what defines their comfort zones. When comfort ones are challenged to expand humans often fight the process. Many times nobody do not want to change from what is comfortable. The removal of any of these buying anxieties creates a more positive sales environment. (Sale Creators, 2007) Pete Keno says: that generally in the business, it is necessary to find efficient methods of changing the sales environment. This might be necessary while the company evaluates it profitability during a sales year and finds they have experienced a loss. Transforming the sales environment will be no easy job for a company, however management can achieve this through utilizing the eve major factors of sales success. It is essential that every sales staff, including the managers, are trained in 5 features of sales strategies; defining the sales campaign, sales motivation, sales presentation, sales methodologies, and sales leadership skills. These five vital elements of sales techniques will arm your company with a successful sales team, the backbone of a companys overall profitability and long-term viability. Sales Success, 201 2) The first sale success will need in changing the sales environment is defining the sales operation. This begins with knowing targets Of client including demographic factors like age, educational background, earnings level, geographic location, and ethnicity. By knowing whom to go after with a product or service, available efficiently develop the companys sales presentation. A sales team needs the proper amoun t of time to prepare an effective sales technique when making the presentation. This consists of correct training in the next part of the five armor elements of sales success, sales methodologies. Provide the workers proper training including online programs and in-house training so people would be ready to stay updated tit modern sales presentation trends. Giving the sales team the required training would assist to stay motivated to do the best possible job in their sales efforts for any company. When the success of the company relies upon changing the sales environment, equip your sales team with the very best tools offered by training them sales techniques. Sales Success, 201 2) As was discussed, role of selling plays an important thing for any business, but for example, international selling for economic survival of every country, because it permits to have the balance between their export earnings and import expenditure also known as the balance of payments. (Jobber and Lancaster, 1997) Economy Watch news wrote out: that the UK is the 7th leading importer a nd the 1 lath leading exporter in the world. Accordingly, the UK holds a massive trade deficit with the rest of the world, second only to the US. In 201 0, UK imports were worth US 546. 5 billion dollar with exports valued at only LOSSES. 6 billion dollar. Despite recent attempts by the government to reduce the trade deficit, the latest data from Auks Office of National Statistics points to an ever-widening trade gap. Since the beginning of 2011 , Auks monthly trade deficit has hit record levels of more than E billion per month. The monthly deficit in the Suffer 2011 is also exceeding the previous record level of E. 5 billion per month reached in 2007. The increase in Auks budget deficit has also affected Auks trade deficit. Therefore, the Auks austerity plan to cut down public spending is necessary in order to reduce the trade deficit as well. So here is seen how necessarily international sales for UK in a whole. (Economy Watch, 201 2) Importing is when an individual or cuisines brings goods or services into the UK from another country. Careful consideration as to the practicalities needs to be given if intend to imports goods; this may include how to get the goods into the country, as well as the legal requirements. Under UK law, a number of legal responsibilities are imposed on a company, if wish to import goods in the ASK. One of the first and probably most important duties being that will have to check if the Department for Business, Innovation Skills (IBIS) requires business to have a license. (Inbreed, 2012) By the way selling overseas is different compared to he domestic market, it however, provides individual firms with a number of benefits. As access to international markets becomes easier and more companies enter those markets, the competition between companies becomes harder, no matter which industry they Operate in. Donaldson (2006) notes that even if the company does not do business abroad it is more likely to face competition from foreign firms in their home market, therefore by deciding to sell abroad it becomes more competitive and less vulnerable to economic crises. Other benefits are the opportunity for companies to achieve cost savings through increased economies of scale, as well as greater sales and faster growth due to demand in other markets which in turn can compensate the loss in the domestic market. All these is now possible due to technology which allows firms to control and coordinate operations globally because through the invention of internet and telecommunication the interaction with external customers and suppliers became much quicker and easier. Another important factor is Language because the first challenge when dealing with international markets is to overcome the language barrier. It is especially crucial in direct selling. Good knowledge of the another language will make sales easier and can make a dramatic difference because the salesperson has greater access to a local society and no interpreter is required. Companies usually translating theirs product advertising in local language, for example, umbra the ILK sports manufacturer had to withdraw a whole range of trainers called Gallon, after a number of complains from individuals and other organizations regarding its name. This is because Gallon was the name of the gas used to murder millions of Jews in concentration camps. This problem exists in any foreign company not only for UK firms; Chevrolet Nova also suffered poor sales in Latin America because No VA in Spanish translated as does not go . Honda introduced their new car Fiat into Nordic countries in 2001. Fifthly had taken the time to undertake some cross cultural marketing research they may have discovered that fit was an old word used in vulgar language in Swedish, Norwegian and Danish. In the end they renamed it Honda Jazz. The Swedish furniture giant KEA somehow agreed upon the name fretful for one of its new desks. All these examples show that the companies were not fully aware of the translation and meaning of their brand names implied in the native languages of the markets they were dealing with, which proves and study of the language would have saved them a lot of money. Quintessential, 2010) This proves that differences in culture creates some ethical dilemmas or misbehaver and in order to overcome potential pitfalls the companies should refer to the help of specialists such as a cross cultural consultant, who would examine words, images, pictures, and colors to ensure that they fit well with the targeted market. Also companies must do cross cultural training to equip their r epresentatives with the knowledge of two or three cultures that are likely to be at the table during a negotiation, as well as pay more attention to marketing and advertising requirements in overseas markets. Quintessential, 201 0) Also possible to add that, any material intended for import is sourced consistently with the legal and ethical review requirements in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. When an individual, establishment or organization imports material for research, it is good practice for approval to be obtained room a research ethics authority or the local equivalent in the source country beforehand. Many countries have research ethics arrangements which operate to agreed standards. The ethical review in the source country may, in some cases, be considered to provide suitable assurances for the importing of material into SKI market. Human Tissue Authority, 2012) For example, tobacco manufactures use different pricing depending on the country they import to, in the UK cigarettes are more expensive than in Russia or some European countries, because of the high import tariffs and taxes imposed by he UK government. Political factors can also affect methods of selling that companies choose to distribute their products, Poppy Corporation that used direct selling techniques failed to enter Japan market because this form of selling is considered by the government as a base for criminal activity. In order to comply with Japans regulations Poppy should have changed its business plan to selling its products in retail stores. (Inbreed, 2012) Other difficult area of management is Sales forecasting. Most managers believe they are good at forecasting. However, forecasts made usually turn UT to be wrong. Marketers argue about whether sales forecasting is a science or an art. The short answer is that it is a bit of both. Businesses are forced to look well ahead in order to plan their investments, launch new products, decide when to close or withdraw products and so on. The sales forecasting process is a critical one for most businesses. Key decisions that are derived from a sales forecast include: Employment levels required Promotional mix Investment in production capacity For example, accurately forecasting sales and building a sales plan can help o manage production, staff and financing needs more effectively and possibly avoid unforeseen cash flow problems. While its always wise to expect the unexpected, a well-constructed sales plan, combined with accurate sales forecasting, can allow to spend more time developing business rather than responding to day-to-day developments in sales and marketing. (Tutor to you, 201 2) In conclusion, it is definitely possible to state: that on nature of selling in general affects a lot of important aspects, because with the development of the UK and global market individual companies have been effected in different ways. To avoid any negative impacts, companies should include and underline all arguments which was stated above. The main responsibility of the Sales managers is to meet and interact with a variety of customers including their own employees so as to understand the real needs of customers and devise qualitative and effective plans to meet the requirements of the customers. Some companies were waited success, they discovered new opportunities for expansion and growth, while others faced fierce competition and struggled to overcome the external pressure caused y cultural, ethical, economic, legal and political and other differences.

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Environmentalism as a Religion Essay Example

Environmentalism as a Religion Essay Example Environmentalism as a Religion Paper Environmentalism as a Religion Paper I agree Robins opinion. Like religion, environmentalism has difference tribe, environmentalist like a missionary, environmentalism and religion both have food taboos and they also both no logical bases. In todays world have many kinds of religions, and environmentalism also has difference tribe, we may hear some difference sound form environmentalist. Rubin says, Original religions were tribal rather than universal. Each tribe had its own god or gods, and the success of the tribe was evidence that their god was stronger than He means every tribal both thinks their god is stronger. Like religions have difference tribe, environmentalists also have many kinds of tribe, some people says protect environment need protect our forest, some people says protect environment we need saving using water and power Everyone have difference opinions, and everyone think their own opinion is the best one. For example, in many counties have lights off for one hour activity. Some environmentalist agree this activity, they think this activity can increase peoples environmental awareness and we can use one hour savings power to do many things. But there have another environmentalist disagree this activity, they thinks lights off for one hour havent effect. And not only havent effect, but also is a burden on supplying power. We cant absolute say which one is right. Its because their opinion all right. Ifs like religions own god, and in every tribes eyes their god is stronger. Butte still cant say which god stronger. Think environmentalist like a missionary. Rubin says, environmentalism is a proselytizing religion(400). Environmentalist and missionary both persuade people to do something. Everyone knows missionary is a member of a religious group sent into an area to do evangelism, and help people build a belief. Environmentalist also is other kinds of missionary. Environmentalist is a member of an environmental protection group, they tell us need protect environment. Environmentalist and missionary both publicity their own opinion and gets other peoples agree. Missionary tell us in this world have heaven and hell. If you do better things, and youre a good person, after you died you will have chance go to heaven, if you do more bad things, you will go to hell. God will help you and God is with you. Missionary give us a hope. Environmentalist tells us, the earth is our unique home, and we must take care of it. If we protect earth, we will get a better environment, we can live more happiness. But if we dont protect earth, we will face more and more environment problem, global warming intensifies, glaciers melt and forests reduced. We can live in earth. So, if we protect environment, it will be better. Environmentalist also gives people a hope. Rubin says, There are food taboos. Instead of eating fish on Friday, or avoiding pork, Greens now eat organic foods and many are moving towards eating only locally grown He means environmentalism like religion also has food taboos. Animals protect is a kind of environment protect. Because if we dont protect animals, it will lead many mind of animals become extinct. Every existent thing has a cause. We can break ecological balance. If we break ecological balance, finally will affect environment. People and animals need co-exist harmoniously. I often received some leaflets about tell us less meat, we need protect animals, and animal is our friend. Christian and Buddhism advocate all living things equality. Human and animals have equality status. And Buddhists even just eat vegetable; they dont eat any meat at all time. Islam also doesnt eat pork. So, religion and environmentalism will have same effect for protect animals. Environmentalism is a special religion. Religion has belief. Rubin says, Belief systems are embraced with no logical Christians belief is believe God; Buddhism belief is all living things equality. But God is it really exists? We cant say yes or no, because we cant testify it. And everything is it really equality? Dont thing so, if really equality that will havent rich or poor. So belief systems are no logical basis, we cant use normal way to things this problem. Environmentalism also has belief that is protect environment. Rubin says, Environmentalists almost universally believe in the dangers of global arming but also reject the best solution to the problem, which is nuclear power'(400). Environmentalist has their own belief, they believe they can protect environment, but they do not want use the best way. Maybe many people cant have a relation between environmentalism and religion. But really have relation, and they have many same characteristic. So, I want say environmentalism is a special religion. Works cited Rubin, Paul H. Environmentalism as religion. Patterns for College Writing: A Rhetorical Reader and Guide. 12th deed. Deed. Laurie G. Kerosene and Stephen R. Mandela. Boston: Bedford, 2012. 399-401. Ring. Rubin says, There are food taboos.

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Exploring online consumer Behaviors Research Paper

Exploring online consumer Behaviors - Research Paper Example The primary reason for choosing public school teachers as sample participation is the diversity in income levels, demographics, family size, marital status, gender and online consumer behaviors present in this occupation. Research Procedure To test the hypothesis and address the key areas of investigation i.e. exploring the factors driving online purchases, a quantitative research methodology will be used. In deciding on the target online shopping destinations, experimental manipulation would be required in order to formulate relationship between consumer behavior and motivational characteristics. Factors such as price variability or product quality have to be controlled in order to gauge the correlation between previous online experience and consumer behavior. A sample survey prepared for assessing online consumer behavioral patterns will be distributed among the sample population through a website. The survey would seek general information as age, gender, income levels, marital sta tus and specific questions such as frequency of online shopping, nature of online shopping – specific or everyday use, satisfaction from online shopping experience, basic motivators of shopping online – price differential, ease of transaction, perceived quality, satisfaction of purchase etc and negative experiences in online shopping.